Enabling Birmingham to trade differently

An interest free overdraft in a local currency to spend with other smart businesses

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Birmingham businesses accepting Parity:

Clover HR
1000 Trades

“Parity is a fantastic concept and great for my business clients. As a new local sales channel, they can make purchases without using precious Pounds. This is a great solution to help small businesses smooth their cash flow”

Paul Breslin, Director
Breslins, Accountants and Consultants

Photo of Paul Breslin

Benefits to your business:

0% Credit

Get more customers

Sell your spare capacity in our network and increase revenue

Sell Spare Capacity

Buy without pounds

Use an interest free overdraft in our local currency

Connect with independent businesses

Build trusted relationships

Connect to a community of smart business owners

Parity is here to help you

Our team identifies sales opportunities

We connect you to local suppliers

We’ll promote your business locally

Our door is open

Available on desktop, tablet and mobile

Parity is a local digital currency

Payments are instant, free and simple

Easily integrated into business accounts

Available in app stores

Proven concept

Parity replicates successful Italian networks

Members have up to 20% more revenue

£100millions of transactions made annually

Proven in Italy

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