A local business currency.

Parity is an innovative way to increase your trade in the Jewellery Quarter.

A business network
for the 21st century

A local marketplace plus an
innovative cash flow solution.

Use 0% interest credit
for purchases within currency.

Low monthly fee.

Increases Turnover

Supports Cash Flow

Connect Locally

birmingham increase business turnover

Increases Turnover


New customers and more sales.

Sell your spare capacity. 

New source of liquidity.


Supports Cash Flow


0% interest. No transaction fees.

Day-to-day working capital.

Add to business accounts. 


Connect Locally


Access to a local marketplace.

Online and mobile directory.

Additional local sales channel. 

Proven Concept

Parity replicates successful networks in Italy (Sardex) and Switzerland (WIR Bank). Businesses have 15% more turnover and conduct €100millions worth of transactions annually. Read about Sardex in the Financial Times here.

How it works:

When you join, we’ll analyse your business costs. This will set the level of annual sales in the currency.

Your sales and purchases will balance out in Parity, freeing up Pounds for your bottom line.

west bromwich business cash flow


“Parity is a fantastic concept and great for my business clients. As a new local sales channel, they can make purchases without using precious Pounds. This is a great solution to help small businesses smooth their cash flow”

Paul Breslin, Director
Breslins, Accountants and Consultants

Parity is a growing community

If your business operates in the Jewellery Quarter,
connect and grow.