A local currency & marketplace

Parity is now ceasing operations, check out our blog for more details.

Access a new market and sell more locally

Post free listings on Parity local marketplace.

Do more business locally

Some of the offers available on our marketplace:

Breslins Club Connected Membership

Breslins Jewellery Quarter

Membership of the Breslins Club at the CONNECTED level - action-focused networking for business owners.


Public Relations Starter Pack

Kinetic Communications Jewellery Quarter

Get guaranteed results from your marketing efforts. Know how you can stand out and have a PR plan. See packages.


Computer Diagnostic

Repc West Bromwich

If your computer is running slow or has a fault we will perform a full computer diagnostic to help you understand why.


What our customers are saying:

"I love working locally and Parity gives me an essential tool to boost my local spending and meet new clients. I've used income in the local currency to reward my team with drinks in an independent pub and I have plans for bigger-ticket purchases soon."

Angela Podmore, Director
Kinetic Communications

Photo of Angela, director of Kinetic PR