Local currency. Local spending.
Local wins.

Parity is now ceasing operations, check out our blog for more details.

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What Parity is all about

Parity means equal, and that’s what we’re here for: to level the playing field for small businesses like us.

Whether it’s the zero-interest credit in our local currency, access to our marketplace or our simple app.

We’re here to put spending power into the hands of local business owners.

Our Values


We’ll keep it simple & transparent so you know what you’re getting, what we’re doing
and why it matters.


We’re not here to disrupt the system, consider us part of the fabric helping however we can
our local community.


We support local companies and operate a members first and Parity second mentality;
we can’t exist without you.


We promise never to utter the words “that’s the way it’s always been done” or stop looking for better ways of doing what we do.

Do more business locally

Proven concept

Parity replicates successful Italian networks

£100millions of transactions made annually

Model was researched at University of Birmingham

Proven in Italy

Our Team

A Photo of Stuart Bowles smiling

Stuart Bowles

Stuart Bowles is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. He leads sales and operations and helps shape our strategy.

A photo of Max Edwards smiling

Max Edwards

Max has 17 years experience in the IT industry, he’s built a financial platform for Barclaycard. He’s the technical expert in the team.

A photo of Matteo Vanzini smiling

Matteo Vanzini

Matteo has researched local currencies around the world. He’s worked for Italian networks and has operational expertise.

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