About Us

Our local currency will unleash the potential of Birmingham’s independent businesses.

We are experts on how currency innovation supports businesses around the world.

We combine best practices with cutting-edge technology to serve the local economy.

What do we believe?

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Mutual Benefit

Trade is a cooperation between buyers and sellers for collective gain.

Sell Spare Capacity

Trusted Connections

Long-lasting and fulfilling partnerships between our members.

Connect with independent businesses

Regional Resilience

Local trade is efficient, environmentally friendly and strengthens communities.

Our Mission

Independent businesses will thrive in Parity

We aim to facilitate millions of transactions

Supporting inclusive growth across the city

Our mission

Our Development

Parity is based on research at the University of Birmingham

We have built our own technology tailored to the needs of our members

We will continuously develop to meet the needs of the network

University of Birmingham

Our Team

A Photo of Stuart Bowles smiling

Stuart Bowles

Stuart Bowles is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. He leads sales and operations and helps shape our strategy.

A photo of Max Edwards smiling

Max Edwards

Max has 17 years experience in the IT industry, he’s built a financial platform for Barclaycard. He’s the technical expert in the team.

A photo of Matteo Vanzini smiling

Matteo Vanzini

Matteo has researched local currencies around the world. He’s worked for Italian networks and has operational expertise.

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