Need something to smooth cash flow?

0% Interest Credit for Network Purchases.

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Innovative Cash Flow Solution.

We’re a local business network, with an innovative feature. You’ll get a balance with a zero interest credit facility, allowing you to make purchases from other members.

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Easily Added to Business Accounts

When you have a positive balance in Parity, it is an asset. A negative balance, is a liability. Its just another line on your business accounts. It is liable for all the usual taxes. Simple as that.

Quick   Easy   No Hidden Costs

Flexible Liqudity

Make payments with 0% interest credit, freeing up your Pounds for more productive activities. No fees, no late charges, use it as much as you like.

Make and Receive Instant Payments:

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Make and receive payments on the go, when you need it most.

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Settle your larger balances in the office, over a hot drink.

Smooth your cash flow today

Parity will provide you a new source of liquidity to support your cash flow. It will make you more resilient and allow you to grow your business.

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