Why Parity? Benfits of using this local currency

Why Parity? Benfits of using this local currency We acknowledge small independent businesses are the backbone of our economy and only by leveling the playing field we can let them drive local development and growth. We recognise the importance of competitiveness in the current economic fabric, but rather than advocate for more competition we support local cooperation and offer a tool that makes local trade more advantageous. Localism and entrepreneurship are two reasons why we have started Parity, but our members also have good economic reasons to use this local currency.


Best Coworking Spaces Birmingham

Best Coworking Spaces Birmingham What is coworking? Are you looking for a new work space? Do you want to separate work from home? Tired of rummaging through busy Birmingham cafés for a seat for moment of focus? Or maybe you’re tired of the hefty expenses of long-term office leases? Are you looking for an environment that can help you unlock your full potential and inspire greater business productivity? Then coworking space in Birmingham may be perfect for you.


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