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    34 Beacon Street, Walsall, WS1 2DL

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Product and services offered in Parity

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Exterior Clear Up

Green Fingers Garden Services Walsall

Tidy up your home or office’s exterior. Get rid of weeds, remove old soil and dead plants to make way for new ones.

10 /ph + £10 /ph

Hedge Trimming

Green Fingers Garden Services Walsall

Trim tall hedges or overgrown shrubs. Maintain healthy hedges as boundaries for your home or sidewalks and yards linedand.

10 /ph + £10 /ph

Exterior Slabbing

Green Fingers Garden Services Walsall

Take care of your patio and outdoor space. Create a slabbed area for summer months.

10 /ph + £10 /ph + materials

Lawn and Grass Cutting

Green Fingers Garden Services Walsall

Keep your lawn healthy and maintained with regular cuttings.

10 /ph + £10 /ph

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