How can your business grow your Parity?

Increase sales and benefit from our innovative cash flow solution.

A platform designed for business

Connect with new clients to boost sales.

0% interest credit to support cash flow.

How does it work?


Apply to Parity

A short, simple online application will allow us to understand your business.

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Join Our Marketplace

Once you are onboarded, you’ll be added to our online and mobile marketplace.

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Engage Our Brokers

Tell us what customers you want and what business expenses you have. Our team will make initial connections.

What is your first move?

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Save and Boost Profitability

We’ve increased your sales, and you’ve used the income to cover business expenses. You’ve freed up cash, which goes to your bottom line.

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Grow in our community

We have a growing community of like-minded businesspeople. With Parity, grow your connections and your business.

It’s easy, cheap and profitable.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, the credit can only be used within Parity. If we allowed withdrawals, it would be the same as any other financial product and we’d have to charge sky high small business interest rates.

No time limits, as long as you keep paying the monthly subscription. If you don’t pay the monthly subscription fee, you will be considered an exiting member and will be billed any negative balance in Pounds.

Parity is added to your business accounts like cash and is liable for all business taxes. Its like just having another line of cash in your accounts.

We try to be flexible to our members needs. Its between you and the other member how much payment will be received in Parity. However, being part of Parity means you have agreed to accept payment in Parity.

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Contact us to find out about more sales opportunities.

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