How does it work?

A local currency account with a credit facility

Sell spare capacity to receive local currency

Use income or 0% interest credit for expenses

Simply another line on your balance sheet

Grow with Parity in four simple steps:

1. Engage

Get in touch to tell us about your business

Meet with our team to assess opportunities

Plan annual sales and purchases in Parity


2. Connect

Access mobile and desktop applications

Have business promoted to the community

New relationships to unleash your potential

Connect in Parity

3. Spend

0% interest credit within the local currency

Purchase your expenses from local suppliers

Free up pounds for profit or productive uses

Spend in Parity

4. Sell

Sales channel for unused stock or capacity

We’ll identify new potential customers

Sales will pay off credit or used for purchases

Sell in Parity

Its our job to increase your trade

Online directory and local promotion

Additional local sales opportunities

Local networking events to build connections

Connect with us

Connect to increase your local trade and widen your networks

Get in touch for a no obligation chat about how you can benefit