How it Works

Parity turns your spare capacity into income for business expenses, freeing up pounds.

Parity is a trading platform with its own local currency.

Use a zero interest overdraft for purchases from other smart businesses, freeing up Pounds for other uses.

Sell your spare capacity to repay overdraft or save for future expenses.

Three Steps to Trade Differently


Simple online application and clear pricing levels.

Receive a interest free overdraft in the local currency

It’s always equal to GBP, but cannot be exchanged

Easily added to your business accounts

Welcome to parity
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Search the directory for local suppliers in Parity

Purchases made with the local currency overdraft

Instant, easy and free transactions

Save cash in your business for other needs

Spend parity
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Sell excess stock or utilise downtime

Sales repay overdraft or used for future purchases

Higher local visibility through our platform

Gain new customers to increase sales income

Sell in Parity

Benefits to your Business

✅ Purchased without using precious Pounds

✅ Higher local visibility for your company

✅ New connections, relationships and long term business

✅ Monetised excess stock or downtime

Book a Demo

A short online demo to show you how Parity works

Make a transaction, find a supplier and see the benefits

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