Need a new way to grow revenue?

Sell your Spare Capacity and Boost Profits.

Sell your spare capacity.


Stock on the shelves, employees with spare hours or space not being used, this is spare capacity.


Parity offers a platform to sell that spare capacity to local businesses.

birmingham increase business turnover
coventry business cash flow

Commit Spare Capacity

Offer goods and services in Parity for members to buy. You set the level you want to commit each year.

wolverhampton business cash flow

Receive Parity as Payment

Members use 0% credit to purchase your spare capacity for their business needs, boosting your bottom line.

increase business turnover birmingham

Spend Parity on Expenses

Use your 0% credit facility, or income from sales, for business expenses, freeing up precious Pounds.


Wasting an opportunity?

Many businesses don’t even consider spare capacity and even price it into their costs. Parity allows you to sell this spare capacity to local businsses, and the income received is used to pay business expenses.

Why receive Credex as payment?


If spare capacity is not used, its gone forever. Parity provides a platform to sell it locally.


You choose how much you commit, and the income is used to cover business expenses.

Grow your business in Parity

Our platform provides a new local sales channel and reduces business expenses. You’ll do more trade and have higher profits.

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