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How can Parity help grow your business?

An innovative platform to connect you to a new local market

Parity offers small businesses a platform to access a new local market. It replicates highly successful networks in Italy and Switzerland, where 10,000s of businesses conduct €100millions of new trade each year. Parity connects you with new customers, opens up new trading opportunities and reduces your supply chain costs. It offers its members a zero interest credit facility, boosting liquidity and smoothing cash flow. But how can Parity help grow your business? Here’s a short explanation.

When a business applies to Parity, we analyse them to see if they are a good fit for our network. We can’t have lots of similar companies on the network. So a good fit is a company in the West Midlands, that is offering a business-to-business service that we don’t already have. We are currently recruiting for different 60 business categories and we are offering lifetime free membership to the first 100 members. We are doing this because Parity will only work effectively, when there is a critical mass of businesses using it.

Once the company is on the network, they are connected with the other businesses on Parity. We support them to find new trading and sales opportunities. Our team acts like an additional marketing service for your business, and our brokers identify specific trading opportunities. We also work with you to identify ideal companies that aren’t currently in the network, but that you would like to trade with.

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All of our members get access to a zero interest credit facility. This works like an overdraft, each member has a limit and it can be spent with anyone else of the network. The credit facility provides an additional source of liquidity for the business, supporting its day to day cash flow. It can be accessed through our online or mobile banking applications. It becomes even more effective as the network grows. Over 50% of small businesses that borrow from the bank, do it to meet short term supply requirements. It’s the aim of Parity to support businesses to meet that need, through using our zero interest credit facility.

So in summary, Parity helps you grow your business through its innovative platform. It connects you with new customers and supports your cash flow with a zero interest credit facility. As everyone on the network has access to credit, it boosts the liquidity available to the members and therefore boosts business activity. We expect companies on the network to conduct around 10% more revenue. Which brings us on to our final point. Parity is perfect for businesses who want to grow, to do more transactions, meet more clients and conduct more activity. That is how Parity can help grow your business.



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