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Why we use FreeAgent for our accounts software plus a referral code (49mrifmj)

Previous to my time with Parity I had owned a web design company and a software contracting company. In this field FreeAgent is very popular as online accounts software as a replacement for either Sage / Quickbooks or a mix of spreadsheets provided by an accountant.

When starting Parity I knew that I wanted something similar for this business but assumed a “proper” business would need something more than FreeAgent which is really targeted to very small companies. We signed up to Quickbooks, hopeful that it would be suitable but after years of using FreeAgent I couldn’t believe how bad it was in comparison. Not only did I find many bugs with the web interface (I’m a developer by trade) but I hated how complicated everything was compared with FreeAgent. I really like FreeAgent’s “opinionated” view on how company accounts should be set up and run. Sure you can do anything you want with double entry book keeping but I don’t want to have to design my accounts, I want to run my business.

We promptly signed up to FreeAgent and we are pleasantly surprised how well it works for a business a little larger than an independent contractor.

If you fancy giving FreeAgent a try, sign up with the following link to get 10% off: or just use the code (49mrifmj). They offer a free trial period followed by 6 months at 50%.



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