Picture of Max, Matteo and Stuart stood in front of Parity's offices

Parity’s response to coronavirus

Parity will remain open for business and transactions during this outbreak. There is no service interruption expected. We will be working remotely during this social distancing phase. All of our technology is cloud based including our phone lines which can be answered away from the office.

It is our belief that Parity can help the Birmingham business community through this tough time. Either by providing the credit to be able to make purchases or by putting a business’s spare capacity to good use. We will be offering free memberships to all local independent businesses who join, with a minimum of a £2500 equivalent in PRX credit line. Further to this we are offering a £100 referral fee as we believe the network grows stronger the larger it gets. If you know a business who could benefit from Parity membership, please send us an email at contact@parity.com.

We are available and willing to help out any of our members in any way we can as this is going to be incredibly tough for many businesses. Please get in touch if there is anything we can do, we will do our utmost to support you.



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