How does Parity compare with Bristol Pound?
Posted on Jan 23, 2020

How does Parity compare with Bristol Pound? We have been on a long journey of development to get to where we are today. I have personally been interested in alternative currencies for a while now. I have studied a wide range of models, from the famous Bitcoin, to Sardex, which is our main inspiration. The largest local currency in the UK is the Bristol Pound. I thought I would share some thoughts on how we differ from the UK’s leading local currency project.

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Why is Parity a tool for Local Economic Resilience?
Posted on Jan 10, 2020

Why is Parity a tool for Local Economic Resilience? A currency designed to support independent businesses and boost the local economy is not a complete novelty mainly because of the long standing experience of the WIR Bank in Switzerland. Established in 1934 by Zurich’s entrepreneurs, WIR was conceived to address the lack of liquidity and credit crunch in years of economic depression. The financial instability after 1929 made credit unavailable or very expensive, uncertainty reduced the overall consumption resulting in revenue losses; nevertheless the capacity of local businesses to produce and sell had not changed.

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Parity app available in the app stores
Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Parity app available in the app stores Parity app is now available for both Android and iPhone. Search your app store for “Parity Network” to find it or alternatively follow the following links. You will need a to be a member of the parity network to use this app.

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Why we use FreeAgent for our accounts software plus a referral code (49mrifmj)
Posted on Nov 14, 2019

Why we use FreeAgent for our accounts software plus a referral code (49mrifmj) Previous to my time with Parity I had owned a web design company and a software contracting company. In this field FreeAgent is very popular as online accounts software as a replacement for either Sage / Quickbooks or a mix of spreadsheets provided by an accountant. When starting Parity I knew that I wanted something similar for this business but assumed a “proper” business would need something more than FreeAgent which is really targeted to very small companies.

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Visiting the Jewellery Quarter
Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Visiting the Jewellery Quarter The Jewellery Quarter is a historical neighbourhood in the north west of Birmingham city center. In the 18th and 19th century it developed as an international hub for the jewellery industry and still nowadays it produces almost half of the jewellery made in the UK. Nevertheless, in the last decades this area of Birmingham has experienced a change. It has become residential area and home for many local and independent businesses.

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Jewellery Quarter Pubs
Posted on Oct 16, 2019

Jewellery Quarter Pubs 8 places to discover in the Jewellery Quarter Being part of the jewellery Quarter community has been great and we have quickly learnt that the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham is a vibrant neighbourhood. In the morning people come here to work while In the evening - probably even from the afternoon -, people reach the Jewellery Quarter to enjoy nice food, a pint and, why not, some live music.

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Ten things you must know about Parity
Posted on Sep 25, 2019

Ten things you must know about Parity 1. What is Parity? Parity is a network for independent businesses in the Jewellery Quarter with its own local currency. Our digital platform facilitate networking and allows members to promote their business, connect with new local customers and increase revenue. Members can also benefit from using a local currency, called Parity, and accessing an interest free credit line to support cash flow and purchase expenses.

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Business Networking Events in Birmingham, w/c 12 of August.
Posted on Aug 12, 2019

Business Networking Events in Birmingham, w/c 12 of August. Build relationships and engage with the local business community. Business networking in Birmingham is growing and you can find many opportunities for your business and your own development. August is a quiet month for business networking in Birmingham and following will be listed the events available for next week, starting on Monday the 12th. Monday 12th The week starts with a classic of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (GBCC), the Curry Club Networking.

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Type of Business Network & Parity
Posted on Aug 2, 2019

Type of Business Network & Parity Meet people and establish new relationships is important for everyone in business. In Parity we believe that entrepreneurs are stronger, more resilient and better off once they stay together within a network. Our platform innovates business networking’s idea using technology and delivering personalised and tailored services to the members. Once you are deciding which network to join, it can be useful to look at the strength of its ties.

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Business Networking Event. w/c 29 of July 2019
Posted on Jul 26, 2019

Business Networking Event. w/c 29 of July 2019 Business is made of human relationships and in Parity we believe these are stronger and more trust worthy at local level. Find out how Parity supports local market and follow our weekly blog on networking events in Birmingham and West Midlands Monday 29th of July Tech. Entrepreneurship 101 These are informal sessions covering business / entrepreneurship topics, looking at basic terminology and methodology with plenty of opportunity for discussion, Q&A, and hands-on work for your own venture plans.

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